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Project Overview

Project Overview

Phase one of the renovation will begin on 28th September with the erection of the barriers and scaffolding around the church in order to start work on the repair of the the rain goods and the improvements of the drainage to ensure the church will remain watertight. There will be some pointing around the church and restoration of the bell louvers. Further details will be posted shortly.

The work is on target to be completed by the week commencing 2nd May 2016.

Work has concentrated on the belfry and tower repairs.

  • The repointing to the string course i.e. the line of stone some six foot below the top of the tower has been completed
  • The quoin stones on each corner of the  tower have been repaired.
  • New coping stones at the top of the tower are in the process of the being made.
  • The belfry louvre windows been removed and the replacements are in the process of being made.
  • New stone mullions to the south and west belfry are in the process of being made.
  • The organ has been fully protected temporarily and the adjacent window is in the process of being repaired.

Update - December 2015

Work on the church has been forging ahead but has taken a break during the Festive Season.
Scaffolding has been removed from the top of the tower revealing the masonry restoration which has been completed to the parapet and the replacement of the belfry louvers.
Work to the north side string courses continues, though the north east nave window tracery was finished two weeks before Christmas enabling the protective boarding around the organ to be removed. This allowed our Christmas Eve services to go ahead after a massive effort by villagers to clean, polish and “de-industrialise” the interior of the church. Candlelight to the interior and floodlighting to the exterior added to the fantastic atmosphere in the packed church on Christmas Eve notwithstanding the scaffolding still around the church.
The craftsman will be back in the New Year when the weather-proofing programme will commence. It is hoped that the entire project will be completed by early May 2016, when thereafter there will be some form of celebration.

Brundish Church, Brundish, Suffolk, England