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Restoration Project

Update December 2018

Further work has been completed to the church which includes the following:
Three directionally placed information boards have been erected in the churchyard with details concerning the recent restoration of the porch, the tower and the north wall.
Internal information boards have been erected giving specific historical information and an illustrated timeline regarding the church.
There has been a goodly number of comments in the visitors’ book of the quality of welcome the church extends to visitors brought about by clear and concise information via these history boards, our service detail boards, our guide book and the provision of free refreshment.
The new pathway from the gates to the porch is of especial importance making the walk so much safer for everyone. Strategically placed, motion sensitive lighting along the pathway has been of great assistance, especially in the darker months for Evensong and at Harvest, Advent and Christmas services. 
In Spring 2018, electric pew heaters were installed under the choir stalls, where most smaller service congregations sit. During larger services this has also been of great value to the choir, which during the past year has increased in number from twelve to sixteen members.

Update - May 2016


  • The building works are now complete, and the contractor and all his materials  are now off site.  A new wooden ladder will be installed in the church tower in November as part of this programme.
  • The outdoor information boards are still to be put in situ, the new church guidebooks have now been displayed in the church and work continues on the inside information board

Update - March 2016

  • Work has continued on the re-pointing of the north wall, and will continue for another two weeks to completion.
  • Attention will then turn to the porch repairs
  • There are four downpipes still to be put in place once the re-pointing is completed  and the scaffolding removed.
  • Currently, the scheduled work is due to be completed mid May as we have been held up somewhat by the recent cold wet weather.
  • We are giving consideration to re-turfing the entrance to the church yard, as opposed to the planned seeding in order that the appearance will be improved in readiness for the two weddings due in June and July
  • Perhaps the most important comment to be made is that it appears that the new rainwater goods and draining are already having a positive impact if you look at the current dryness of the church aisle. 

Update - February 2016

  • Drainage work is now complete.
  • Work on guttering and downpipes continues.
  • The repointing on the north wall has now commenced and there will be, in general, three stone masons on site for several weeks to concentrate on this.  It will take about a month to complete.
  • There is a pile of soil distributed around the church which is for the infill of any depressions caused by the settling in of soil over the drainage and soak away areas. This soil will also aid the regressing of the damaged areas on completion.
  • Work on the porch will commence soon.
  • The whole project is on schedule to be completed at the end of April.

Update - January 2016

Work is processing very well with all of the scaffolding now removed although some will need to be re-erected to repair part of the chancel north wall. The drainage is currently being put in place. All of the north side is now in situ and there are lots of holes on the north side.  The archaeologist has been on site for four days and she has nothing to report on as, happily, no human remains have been disturbed. There will be an initial “rough “ landscaping once the work has been completed and then a more thorough repair to the soil, grass etc when the warmer weather is conducive to grass growth.

It is now hoped that completion can be brought forward from mid May to the end of March.



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