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Brundish is a scattered parish, about five miles north of Framlingham and in the heart of High Suffolk. It seems a far cry from the busy world of the twenty-first century. A few farmhouses, cottages, a pub, a village hall and the fine old church are dotted amongst the fields and lanes, miles from the nearest railway station, dual carriageway or industrial town.

The name ‘Brundish’ comes from the Old English‘burna’ and ‘edisc’ - stream with pasture. (Oxford Dictionary of English Place-names). The stream referred to is almost certainly the source of the River Alde which rises in Brundish and flows along the eastern boundary of the churchyard.

It stands away from the main centre of population, with only the Chantry farmhouse for company; so called because, in medieval times, there was a chantry at Brundish. This used to stand not far from the church and was built for prayers and masses for the soul of Sir Robert de Ufford, Earl of Suffolk. The chantry was dissolved by King Henry VIII and has entirely disappeared. It is believed that the chantry and the Parish Church were once enclosed by a moat, of which a small part still remains.

Our church has a fine choral musical reputation through its wonderful new organ and its choir. The Chantry Singers, who are present at the big services throughout the church year, are lead by our Organist and Director of Music, Michael Spencer. We would welcome potential new recruits to our Friday evening rehearsals in the church. Michael's telephone number is on the Contact Us page

The parish church is dedicated to SAINT LAWRENCE and is featured on the national websites Suffolk Churches  and A Church Near you 

For all enquiries, including details of our services, please contact The Reverend David Mulrenan, Assistant Curate, on 01728 628063 or E-mail

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